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Story Time

Greetings dear reader! My name is Connor Mahan and I'm a Full-Stack Developer hailing from the great state of Montana. While working as a corporate banker in San Francisco, I came to realize my knack for automating some of our monotonous processes. Between writing Excel scripts and responding to client emails, I found myself designing app mock ups in Photoshop, which spawned my interest in software engineering. A friend introduced me to Zed Shaw's "Learn Python The Hard Way", and on Hello World, my career interests completely shifted to coding. Upon finishing the book's curriculum, I also completed Codecademy's Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp, which gave me a basic understanding of of modern web development tools and practices, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node, SQL, and Express.

Currently, I'm an engineer at Agrograph, where I've furthered my knowledge of TypeScript, React, Node, Git, and PostgreSQL. Additionally, I've gained skills with geospatial data including GeoJSON, MapBox, and PostGIS.

While away from the computer, I spend most of my time getting lost in the mountains. From the command line to the tree line, my passion for solving problems and finding joy in overcoming challenges remains a central focus.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my portfolio. If you like what you see, please feel free to reach out!

Agrograph uses satellite imagery and machine learning to predict crop yields and provide risk analysis for agricultural lenders
Tools used: TypeScript, Node, React, Fastify, PostgreSQL
Dart Mule
Create private games with friends, keep score in real-time ⏱, track wins 🥇 and losses, and earn points for victories!
Tools used: TypeScript, React, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Fastify, TurboRepo
This app uses the PokeAPI to query Pokemon data, allowing users to search for their favorite Pokemon
Tools used: Nextjs, React, TypeScript, PokeAPI
This website!
The website you're currently looking at! Complete with Dark Mode, these projects, mobile responsiveness, and most importantly, my resume.
Tools used: NextJS, React, TypeScript, Chakra UI

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Chicago, IL

Willing to relocate for the right opportunity